School Counseling & Support Services


A School Counselor is available to work with students, parents, and staff with the goal of promoting the social, emotional, and academic growth of adolescents. The counselor also: 

  1. Collaborates with the staff to promote a safe and nurturing environment conducive to learning
  2. Provides support to students and families as they transition through the middle school years
  3. Provides support to students and families at-risk or in crisis
  4. Provides linkage between students--school--family--community to mobilize resources and promote collaborative efforts towards common goals

To see a school counselor, a student can: 

  1. Make an appointment with the counselor
  2. Ask a teacher to see the counselor
  3. Be referred from parents or teachers
  4. Be referred from a 504 Plan, the IEP process, or the SAT (Student Assistance Team)

In case of an emergency, other arrangements can be made.

School Counselors typically follow a student through their three years in middle school. Parents are encouraged to contact the school counselor assigned to their child's team at any time to share information, needs, and concerns.

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