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Garvey's Choice: The Graphic Novel
it was amazing
Garvey is content to read, study astronomy, and play chess with his best friend. Garvey’s dad wishes Garvey were more like his sister, the athlete. When Garvey’s schedule changes and he no longer has as many classes with his best friend,...
tagged: 2023, graphic-novel, verse-novel, and realistic-fiction
Winston Chu vs. the Whimsies
it was amazing
Another excellent book in the Rick Riordan presents universe! Winston is still trying to come to grips with the loss of his father to friendly fire while deployed in Iraq. While skateboarding home from a cooking class, he foils a burglar...
tagged: fantasy and 2023
The Moth Keeper
it was amazing
Anya is ready to take on the role of moth keeper for her nocturnal village. It is a lonely job but one vital to the survival of her village. The moths have to be let out at night and safely put to sleep in their tent during the day. Thei...
tagged: 2023, graphic-novel, and fantasy
Good Different
it was amazing
Selah has attended Pebblecreek Academy for all her school years but seventh grade suddenly feels different and uncomfortable. Her teacher doesn’t pronounce her name properly and thinks it’s funny to put his foot up on her desk every morn...
tagged: 2023, verse-novel, and realistic-fiction
Snot, Sneezes, and Super-Spreaders: Everything You Need to Know about Viruses and How to Stop Them.
it was amazing
Now 3 years out from the COVID-19 pandemic, this book gives a good overview of viruses, bacterial infections, pandemics, COVID, vaccinations, and fake news. Factual information is presented in an objective manner with a dash of humor thr...
tagged: nonfiction, science, covid, and 2023
Song of the Sea: The Graphic Novel
it was amazing
Based on a film, this haunting Irish folktale is about a family who has lost their mother. Ben resents his little sister who he blames for the death of his mother. His sister is mute and in this story seems to be declining. Featuring fae...
tagged: graphic-novel, fantasy, folktales, animals, and 2023
Parachute Kids: A Graphic Novel
it was amazing
Feng-Li is excited about her family vacation to Southern California. When they arrive in the US, they are almost denied entry because of a minor typo on their visa application. Because of this, her father and then her mother must return ...
tagged: historical-fiction, realistic-fiction, graphic-novel, and 2023
it was amazing
It’s hard to write a review because I’m still crying long after finishing this graphic novel memoir. It’s an important book for those students who need it. Aiden is a teen in the 1990s who is unrelentingly bullied for being Asian and ove...
tagged: graphic-novel, memoir, biography, and lgbtqia
The Grace of Wild Things
it was amazing
Grace is an orphan and convinced she is a witch because she can see a person’s regrets if she touches them. As the oldest child in the orphanage, she becomes determined to make her own way in life and sets her sights on becoming the witc...
tagged: 2023, fantasy, and horror
really liked it
Humorous book about a fox sister and brother who accidentally make an enemy of a spoiled bully of a cat. Well, in her defense, Ted the brother accidentally bit her tail off. Ted and his sister Nancy must flee the wrath of Princess Button...
tagged: animals, humor, and 2023
The Hand Book
it was amazing
A picture-book for slightly older kids. Learn all about our important, useful, helpful hands!
tagged: 2022, science, nonfiction, and picture-book
Izzy at the End of the World
really liked it
Izzy, a self-proclaimed autistic, anxious, and depressed teen is living with her younger sister and grandparents in Vermont. They are also trying to come to terms with the recent death of Izzy’s mom. One night Unidentified Flying Lights...
tagged: science-fiction and 2023
The Devil's Arithmetic
it was amazing
tagged: historical-fiction, fantasy, and science-fiction
really liked it
When Winna breaks her glasses, her grandfather lends her glasses that once belonged to her great aunt. The glasses are old-fashioned spectacles that curl around her ears. When Winna speculates (I wonder if…) she quickly realizes the spec...
tagged: 2023, historical-fiction, and fantasy
What My Girlfriend Doesn't Know
really liked it
tagged: verse-novel, realistic-fiction, ya, and romance
World Made of Glass
it was amazing
Set in the 1980s during the AIDS crisis, this historical fiction book features middle-schooler Iris whose father is dying of AIDS. Iris’s father is a poet and they communicate via acrostic poems throughout the story. There was so much so...
tagged: 2023, historical-fiction, and social-justice
Eb & Flow
it was amazing
Eb (short for Ebony) and Flow (nickname for De’Kari) find themselves suspended for 10 days after an altercation in the cafeteria. Eb accidentally tripped (she says) over Flow’s new sneakers and scuffed them. Flow did not react well and w...
tagged: 2023, maine-children-s-and-ya-book-review, cream-of-the-crop-nomine...
Loki: A Bad God's Guide to Taking the Blame
it was amazing
Volume 2 in the hilarious adventures of the trickster God Loki’s time in Midgard (where humans live) learning how to live as a middle school student. He is being punished by Odin for cruel tricks he played on the Goddess Sif. Along with ...
tagged: 2023, humor, maine-children-s-and-ya-book-review, fantasy, and myth...
Harboring Hope: The True Story of How Henny Sinding Helped Denmark's Jews Escape the Nazis
it was amazing
While not quite as action-packed as Lifeboat 12 or Alias Anna, this is another historical story of an unsung hero facing off against the evils of Hitler and the Nazis. Henny Sinding – just 22 years old – couldn’t sit by and watch Germany...
tagged: maine-children-s-and-ya-book-review, verse-novel, historical-fictio...
Mapmakers and the Enchanted Mountain:
it was amazing
Alidade, the newly-minted mapmaker and her friend Lewis, set off with the magical memri Blue to complete the map of the enchanted mountain region. There they meet Cado who is trying his hand at mapmaking to find the memri of the mountain...
tagged: 2023, graphic-novel, fantasy, and maine-children-s-and-ya-book-review

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