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Protocol for Extracurricular Eligibility



Academic performance is more important than extracurricular performance

Extracurricular participation has been shown to be a positive motivator and indicator for student academic engagement

In middle school, students are encouraged to explore and participate in a variety of activities and athletics

When students are exhibiting our School Wide Code of Cooperation (Focused, Respectful, and Responsible), these work habits are correlated to successful academic performance



Any student at Mt. Ararat Middle School is eligible to participate in extracurricular activities, including clubs and athletics if he/she was shown to be proficient in at least 80% of their work habits scores from the most recent quarter grades.  Fall eligibility is based on the first progress report.

Any student that does not meet the above criteria, will be considered “Conditionally Eligible” until the next next reinstatement period (see below).

“Conditionally Eligible” students must complete the following protocol every week:

By Friday at 2:05, “Conditionally Eligible” students must turn in a completed checklist to the main office.

This checklist must be signed by all teachers indicating the student's work habits were considered “Focused, Respectful, and Responsible” for the previous week.

If the checklist is complete and signed for all classes, the “Conditionally Eligible” student will be able to practice and compete for the following week (M-F)

If the checklist is not fully signed, incomplete, or not turned in, the “Conditionally Eligible” student will be able to practice but not compete for the following week

Reinstatement back to full eligibility can occur at progress report time or end of quarter.  If a student reaches the 80% benchmark at either of those times, they regain full eligibility status.  Eligibility can be regained or lost at the end of the quarter.  Eligibility can be regained, but not lost at progress report time (except quarter one).  Once a student is fully eligible, they remain at that status until the following quarter grades.

Participation in extracurricular eligibility can be withheld for school-wide or classroom behavior issues at any time.  In addition, a teacher can assign any student to extra academic work time instead of extracurricular activities, regardless of eligibility status. 

Download the Conditional Eligibility Weekly Checklist by clicking HERE.
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